Whatever this "music" thing is... it is at the very core of my being

David Presley

An introduction, by way of recounting my musical past

  • My paternal Grandmother, in her younger days, was a trained concert pianist
  • I'm told that (w/o prompting) I began to plink-out one finger melodies when I was about two years old
  • My parents bought an old (but usable) upright and I began formal piano lessons as I celebrated my sixth birthday
  • I DETESTED practicing all of the classical music I was exclusively assigned to learn - and struck a deal where I would stop taking lessons just before turning 13... once lessons ceased - and I began playing for myself - I improved dramatically
  • In early '72, I discovered Keith Emerson of Emerson Lake & Palmer (at the ripe "old" age of 14) - and, to this very day, "Emo" has been the singularly biggest musical influence in my life... both in my style of playing and as my preferred musical genre
  • In college, I spent a great deal of time working as a Disc Jockey - at our alternative rock-format station KTRU-FM 91.7. Over the years, I've had many professional DJs tell me I should've considered doing it for a living... but it really wasn't what I wanted as my chosen avocation. I wanted to play music live - not on the radio!
  • I tried working as a professional musician once out of college - but after starving for a year-and-a-half... and fed-up with my complete inability to attract like-minded, competent players... I shelved the idea and became a studio photographer. But I did continue playing, to keep my chops
  • After a couple of years of babies regularly puking on me, I grew tired of studio portrait photography - and gave Commercial Insurance a whirl. It can be deadly dull, but the money is good... which, over the years, has let me indulge (quite nicely, thank you) my yen for keyboards
  • After visiting the Hollywood Rockwalk on one of my many visits to Southern California (where my daughter has lived 17 of her 22 years), I discovered that Keith Emerson's hands and mine are exactly the same size and shape... it was one of those eerie "Twilight Zone" moments!
  • In late 2005, I "met-up" (online) with a couple of gents with whom I've been recording ever since - we call our online collaboration (because we record in distant physical isolation from one another) "EMP"
  • In early 2007, I attended the Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp (in Hollywood, CA) - not only was it an incredible experience, it also afforded me the opportunity to make friends with many of the professionals in attendance. Contacts never hurt! ;-)
  • As 2008 was ending, I flew to New Orleans to play keys for Kelly Keeling (vocalist for Trans-Siberian Orchestra) at The House of Blues

What am I doing today?


And what does the future hold?

  • I'm trying to keep sharp, but vision issues (that make sight-reading pretty much impossible) and failing memory (it's next to impossible to retain new music for more than a few days - regardless of amount of practice) are making it more difficult with each passing day.
  • I still occasionally play club and smaller-venue dates for friends as well as doing the Late Night Live sessions aboard Cruise To The Edge
  • Who knows? Maybe I was destined to be a (musical) late-bloomer! ;-)

So, now you know a little bit about me :)

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